Sugar Cookie Basics by

Meg Makes and Bakes


Advanced private lessons are designed for beginners or intermediate students alike and can be tailored to each individual and specific areas of interest. Lessons cover everything from the baking process and icing consistencies to any type of cookie decorating techniques.

What To Expect

Lessons generally take place in your home and all materials will be provided by me, unless otherwise specified. Lessons can be tailored à la carte style. You may pick and choose which areas you would like to cover to create a customized lesson plan! Pricing will vary based on time estimations per specific topics.

What You Get

The basics of cookie making are $60 per hour. This includes making dough, baking cookies, making icing, icing consistencies, etc. The decorating techniques are $75 per hour. This includes basic icing techniques with more advanced instruction on airbrushing, stencils, watercolor, gold application, writing, etc.


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